Working Together to Change Outcomes

Academic Life Coaching (ALC) is part of a movement to re-design education. This is accomplished through one-to-one coaching for teens as well as Academic Life Coach training and certification for adults.

In similar way, WayPoint Life Coaching (WayPoint) is part of a movement to change outcomes for youth from hard places – specifically, at-risk teens, orphans, and foster youth. This is also accomplished through one-to-one coaching and as a result of a coaching partnership with ALC, WayPoint also offers Youth Advocate Coach training and certification.

If you have a passion for at–risk youth, orphans or foster youth, immense respect for their value and you know they can accomplish amazing things given the right environment, you are in the right place!

John Andrew Williams created this life-changing program. It’s not only effective in it’s purpose to re-design education, but has great potential to help change outcomes for youth from hard places with it’s focus on social-emotional learning.

After several years of looking (literally), Brenda Niemeyer came across the ALC program and knew it was the thing she had been searching for. A key to unlock potential, rekindle a dream and build solid internal structures to make lasting change not only in youth who have experienced a loving and stable home, but possibly, even more so, for those who have not. Youth will learn about taking ownership of their decisions, connecting their choices with the things that matter most to them, create a tangible vision of where they want to go in life, and design concrete steps to get there.

As a Youth Advocate Coach this is some of the value you will be able to offer the teens in your life.

Find out how you can change the life of a teen or at-risk youth

Meet the Trainers

Brenda Niemeyer

Founder of Waypoint Life Coaching

Brenda has 14 years of experience working with college students. She has coordinated and led service opportunities globally and domestically for students specifically interested in serving street kids, orphans and foster children. She is an adoptive parent, has a therapeutic foster care license and 10 years of experience working with and on behalf of orphans, foster kids and at-risk youth. She has a passion for helping students gain a greater understanding of their unique gifts and abilities. Her dream is to help students from hard places tap into possibilities for the future through self-awareness, leadership and service. A key part of accomplishing this dream is training youth advocates as coaches.

Brenda currently lives in Lakeside, Montana with her husband, Mark, and two children, Keira and Ryan. She enjoys hiking, biking, gourmet cooking and an occasional lazy sun-soaked day by the lake.

John Andrew Williams

Founder of Academic Life Coaching

John is the founder of the Academic Life Coaching Program. He has written for Newsweek and published Future-Proofed: Your Guide to Acing High School, the College Application and Beyond which can be purchased on his personal website.
He started his career as a high school Latin teacher and began life coach training in 2004. He founded the Academic Life Coaching Program in 2005 when he witnessed a big gap in what students were learning in school and what was really useful in life. In 2009, he started training individuals who showed interest in becoming Life Coaches and working specifically with teens.

He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Amois, and two daughters, Paloma and Georgia.